The Company


The new generation leadership

Presence, created listening, and direct communication while being responsible for how the communication receives. That's what we mean by the new generation of leadership. Leadership as a genuine work available to all, to be developed and expanded. 

What we do 

We conduct training, courses and arrange events in collaboration with companies, organizations, schools and individuals with the new generation of leadership as a starting point. 

How you present yourself live online is, even more important today than ever. Therefore we cooperate with our partners Rob Hargreaves and Ben Butt. See below. 

Our commitment

A world that works for everyone, a created future free from the past, where everyone finds joy and fulfillment.

The definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.   Albert Einstein.     

About us 

Leif Hejdenberg, Sweden. Communication is our business. Founder and running this business thanks to powerful partners in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 

Camilla Frank, Spain. Business partner and communication expert. Global Finance-strategist, organizer. 

Yes, please contact me.  

Pathos Performance AB has been facilitating for Swedish Institute for Quality, Bättre Skolor. 

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